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Thread: Rabbit long net

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    Rabbit long net

    Just a quick question for Norfolk and Suffolk lads....... have any of you got an unwanted Long-net (maybe torn/knotted) that i could split into shorter stop nets. Don't expect a freebie but i just get the feeling there could be the odd long-net hung up in a shed hosting families of mice in the region that could be given a new lease of life and be put to use catching some bunnies.

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    I have one , I think a 50 yarder, in my store somewhere you can have, providing you pay the postage, only thing is it is need of, a detangle, big time, nothing wrong with the net, it is in good order, I lent it out ( I know, it won't happen again) and it came back like a pile of do da full of twigs and wrapped up wrong, will have a look for it over the weekend and PM you


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    excellent I will happily pay postage prior to you sending ,thank you for making the effort of digging it out.

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