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Thread: Blaser R93 25-06 barrel.

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    Blaser R93 25-06 barrel.

    Does anybody have or know were there is a 25-06 barrel for sale for a R93?

    Many thanks


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    hello Thar,
    just saw one on Macleod website.


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    Thanks Matt

    The new one is the price of a whole new rifle, but that is Blasers for you the SH one does not look too bad.

    Thanks for your help.



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    Kevin your not following the 25 craze are you ???????

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    kevin your not following the 25 craze are you ???? , they bend easily and cost an arm and a leg to get sorted but when sorted BRILLIANT .mist you last time up but should be up about 8 march for the week end so may see you then atb mudy

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    Hi John

    Hope to catch up with you and Duncan when you are next up, the 25 is not for me but for a friend.



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