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Thread: Bipod help please!

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    Bipod help please!

    Read loads of info on here about the Harris bipod. They sound great. Just wondered if there were cheaper alternatives that were as up to the job. If not will order a Harris, just checking first! Thanks, Tim.

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    Harris I reckon are the best, however I've never had a problem with my cheapy copy. I think mine was a Sutter offering. Mind you it's only ever been on my .22LR.
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    had a deben bipod in a rifle deal, ok but certainly didnt feel as sturdy as my Harris ones. It would of been ok for its job but i think for the little difference in price , no comparison , i have learnt the hard way but if you can buy once and the best you can afford , its cheaper in the long run

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    I bought a shooters ridge model when i was in the states, exact copy of a harris but much cheaper, however you need to make sure you dont hold back on the wd40, hint hint!

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    That's a good question. There are some 'better' bipods appearing. Such as:

    There was a review of bipods in the following magazine:

    Regards JCS

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    go to and click on their bipod section (NC Star bipod)

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    Took my 308 in today to have a moderator fitted and bought a Harris also, it was the the only one they had so it was a good job it was the only one I wanted.

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    Just go for the harris mate. 9 to 13. Dont get the fixed one though. Get swivel model
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    Quote Originally Posted by jay 22 View Post
    Just go for the harris mate. 9 to 13. Do t get the fixed one though. Get swivel model
    that's about all there is to say on the subject.

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    I had a Deben one and it decided to fall apart one day dropping my rifle off my back. Harris all the way.

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