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Thread: Weanafeeda - The Ultimate Puppy Feeding System

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    Weanafeeda - The Ultimate Puppy Feeding System

    If anyone is interested in the perfect puppy litter feeding solution we have a range of products with more information & pricing available on our website Monarch Country Products - Fine apparel for country life

    These products are well established in the pet industry and are a patented range by our family.



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    Hi Southern Stalker

    Regretfully this is one part of Monarch range that I am not at liberty to discount for inter-company reasons - thanks for asking anyway.



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    Hi Southern Stalker

    Interested to see you after a bargain. By the way I bought the fridge, did not want to leave Dickie in the lurch unlike others.

    Take care


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    Touche Mike! Don't do dogs myself but thought I would enquire for everyone else. Look like good kit, but quite a few companies offer a discount now to SD members.


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