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    Cool Hello

    Dear all

    Here is a bit about me and my interests: I am a keen shooter taking part in a local syndicated Pheasant and rough shoot during the season, I also shoot doos(pigeon), rabbits, lamp foxes and have done a little stalking. I have also been lucky enough to shoot boar in Germany in the past. I am contemplating undertaking my DSC1 qualification and intend doing a bit more stalking. I am also keen to do a fair bit more stalking over the next wee while. I also want to do a bit of training with my lab who I am confident will make an ok deer dog as she is a good rough shooting dog with a great nose!

    If anyone knows of any ground available for roe deer control around tarves, Aberdeenshire or a group stalking syndicate in this area please let me know.



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    Welcome to the site,

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    welcome to the site

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