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Thread: DSC1 Revision and Test in Moray & Online option

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    DSC1 Revision and Test in Moray & Online option

    We are very please to announce that we have linked up with DSC Trainer and his website Deer Stalking Certificate Training and are now offering one month access to this facility as an integral part of tour DSC1 courses.

    Dates beyond the end of March will be announced shortly and the SD calendar updated.

    The 280 course fee includes; David Stretton manual, dsctraining online package, exam/ registration fees and ongoing e mail/ phone support as required. The only extras are your travel/ accommodation and any ammunition if you require use of the estate rifle.Deposit is 60.

    We can supply course details by e mail upon request.

    Like many others, we were uncertain as to the benefit of an online package and concerned it could substitute deep reading of the manual. However, discussion with customers indicated an appetite for such a resource. Additionally, our purpose is to do the best we can for those studying with us and there is a cogent argument that some people find it easier to study via interactive media than from 'paper'.

    Whilst the manual remains the central tool and we always recommend that people use it fully, the benefits of an additional resource outweigh the negatives in our view.

    Looking at the various options, Steve stood out in terms of the reliability of his system, the effort that had gone into establishing it and not least the views of Steve himself as to how he envisages the facility fitting in with traditional options as opposed to confusing them.
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    Yes, we are pleased to be in partnership with The Stalking School as part of their extensive training package. It's great that we can work together to both increase the take up of the DSC and make courses and examinations more ejoyable..... and of course to improve your chances of passing with flying colours!

    Good luck to everyone joining these courses, you're in for a great time!

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    The Stalking School and DSC partnership

    Hello again!

    I made my last post from a little B&B in the Scottish borders using my mobile phone so it was a bit brief, but I just Had! to say something about our partnership with the Stalking School.

    Andy is absolutely right that as well as helping those who already have a lot of stalking experience to go for their DSC, my intention is to add another 'learning route' for less experienced stalkers. It simply is not possible for people without a great deal of experience to learn about fieldcraft, safety and how to shoot accurately - and for these people a residential type of course is perfect. However, there is still a lot of theory to learn, and that means deciding how best to deliver the theory part of the course.

    Andy has long recognised that people learn in different ways and at different speeds. So, to make sure that people attending their courses have the best chance of both passing and enjoying the course, all learning options are covered. The Dave Stretton manual is provided and puts the questions and answers into their proper context, as well as providing a lot more background information. The on-line option allows students to test their knowledge before the course so they arrive with much of it already learned.

    What could be better?

    It is a pleasure to have a partnership where the student is clearly at the heart of what is being delivered.

    Cheers! Steve

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