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Thread: norma 150 grain sp in .270

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    norma 150 grain sp in .270

    Hi All,

    has anyone used the norma 150 grain soft points in .270 calibre, for large reds and were they any good, have been offered some along with a rifle and wanted some info on how they perform in a steyr mannlicher?

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    not specifically, but 150g will be perfect for reds in anything from 6.5x55, variants, to 30-06.

    you won't know how they perform in that individual rifle until you try them...if sold used with the rifle, chances are they work! Norma SP is IMHO the very best factor ammo you can buy for money.

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    yes the rifle has hardly been used, the guy bought it new with 200 rounds of the norma ammunition but ill health recently taken its toll so he is having to stop stalking as he cant do the leg work anymore after having pneumonia, theres 110 rounds left

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    Don't know about a Styer but My Browning A bolt loves the Norma 130g but absolutley hates the 150g. As PKL says each rifle can be so different.

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    Found them to be excellent in a couple of 270's. Shot fallow, Sika and a couple of boar with them.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    three pulls of the trigger will tell if the 150 will group you can also ask the man, if he says yes, chances are they will - after all, he's not selling it to get rid or to buy a different setup

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    I've used both Norma 130gr and 150gr on my Sako 85 .270

    The rifle certainly seems to prefer or shoot better groups with Norma over other factory ammo i've tried.

    I was up at the Tulchan estate however last October for the first week on the hinds and had a very strange shot from around 200yrds were a .270 150gr Norma lead core seperated from it's copper jacket.

    Took the shot and watched the hind roll down the bank... and after looking up from my scope saw a second hind some 50yrds and parrallel (on the right) to the 1st falling down the bank also.

    I couldnt work out what happened and only on skinning did I find the copper jacket stuck to the shoulder blade of the first hind. Clearly the lead core exited and flew along the hill to hit the second.

    I've got some interesting pictures at home and certainly the bullet didnt perform as it should.

    First thought was a bad batch.. but i've had no problem with them since.



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    I took a calf last weekend with a 180g partition from just 130yds or so, one entry wound (obviously), but two equally sized exits 3"'s apart, one where it 'should be', one a bit back. I'm guessing the partition failed and split the mushroom from the base? anyone seen this before? the butcher thought I'd shot it twice from different angles, EXACTLY through the same entry wound - LOL...nope, not 'that' good!

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    PKL, yes i have see a partition seperate at the mid section. I and nosler would not considered this a fail as the base section stayed together and continued on its way for an exit and a very dead deer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deanandrew64 View Post
    Hi All,

    has anyone used the norma 150 grain soft points in .270 calibre, for large reds and were they any good, have been offered some along with a rifle and wanted some info on how they perform in a steyr mannlicher?
    I used them in the past I've fired them through manlichers, sako PH etc etc

    Depends what you are after, I found they dropped deer well enough, I had an old BSA which I had zeroed in on them and tended to use it for night shooting as well as woodland stags [red and sika].
    I only ever use 130's now and to be honest, I've never noticed much diference in the field. To answer your question, they probably be fine for killing any deer in the UK

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