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Thread: Freefall Roebuck

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    Freefall Roebuck

    In my kitchen I have assorted bits and bobs on top of my kitchen units as ornamentation, a few antique teapots, an old milk jug, some wine bottles, some stoneware I have found etc.

    And it is also where I keep most of my roe trophies, including one of my better six pointers wedged in the milk jug to show it off at its best angle.

    Now the funny thing is, my GF had only mentioned the day before that I should be carefull with this milk jug as it was worth a few bob, and maybe it was'nt the best of ideas to use it as a mount for a roe I carefully checked it and demonstrated that it was as safe as houses up there..........

    So there I was, making lunch the next next day, I had just filled a mug with fresh boiled water water to make some coffee and opened the cupboard door to put the coffee jar back when something came falling down from on high. Yes it was the old milk jug complete with antlers , it smashed into the toaster then deflected onto the butter dish then deflected onto the coffee mug which then deflected onto my foot. So I jumped back swearing quite loudly and kicked over the dogs water bowl. In total the milk jug was smashed, the butter dish was smashed, the coffee mug was smashed, the toaster was dinted, my foot was scalded and there was one hell of a mess to clean up . The roebuck trophy did stay in one coffee coloured piece though.
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    at least it can be re-bleached

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    Sound's like you had a heck of a time there Mudman,

    take a break, have a kitkat...........

    Atb, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Don't you just hate it when the other half is proved right


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