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Thread: 7mm-08

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    Hello all I would like to add to my gun cabinet with a 7mm-08 im wondering if anyone has anything negative to say as the people i know with them love them but most people are biased about their gun!

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    Crap mate....ER not.

    Just getting my second one semi-custom based on sako action.

    For me plenty of knock down power for all uk beasts easy on the shoulder good ballistics.

    Suits me anyway.


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    I have a Sako 75 Varmint in 7mm-08, it was a big gamble, to me anyway when I switched from 6.5x55 as my primary deer calibre. But I have no regrets at all and have been evangelical in trying to convince others of it's merits. I run a hot 120 grain load and 2 more sedate 140 and 150 grain loads, all very accurate.

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    Mine is the best rifle I own (and have ever owned) - by far.

    I run 100gr, 140gr and 175gr which I have set the loads up so that it will put all three through the same hole at distances beyond my capability..

    The weak link in the set up is definitely the idiot pulling the trigger.
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    For all the UK species you can't go too far wrong with a 140 gr bullet and for pigs or anything bigger (moose for instance) a 175 gr is a very good option. Only slight downside is that some shops still don't stock a wide selection of factory ammo, but if you've got a shop you use regularly then I'm sure they'll oblige you. If you're a reloader then that's not going to be a problem.

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    You won't regret choosing a 7mm08. I use 140gn Sierra's for all UK deer species as I found 120gn left me with meat damage. My rifle is fitted with a muzzle brake rather than a moderator (as I do not like moderators for recoil reduction) and this allows me to see the bullet strike with minimal muzzle flip.

    Yet another 7mm08 user....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Home Loader View Post
    Hello all I would like to add to my gun cabinet with a 7mm-08 im wondering if anyone has anything negative to say ....
    All I would say is I planned to buy a 7mm-08 in 1999 when I was working in the States. Once I got there, I read about the 260 Rem and bought that instead. I attach a good comparison of some of the 7mm options.

    am now on my third 260 Rem, and although still I think the 7mm-08 is a very good option, I am pleased with the route that I have gone down.

    Good luck. JCS

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    I was also considering a 7-08 but now going to buy a 7x57. It has a bit more powder capacity and being a longer cartridge, is better for heavier bullets if you want to load for boar or moose. Both are fantastic cartridges though

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    If you're going to get a 7mm frankly it has to be a 7x64 for no other reason than I'm going to get one....

    Also, like shbangsteve says, it will handle the heavier bullets better and unlike the 7x57 is not military so will be fine in France.



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