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Thread: Rabbit drop trap manufacturer

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    Rabbit drop trap manufacturer

    Hi Guys

    Looking for a rabbit drop trap maker.

    Had some made recently which aren't really up to spec.

    Have been making them up myself after those, but the big issue is time for me.

    just the swing top and frame would be ok, the bottom mesh part is easy to do on site.

    Any contacts would be welcome


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    Hi Phil bit of a coincidence but i met a fella on Tuesday that makes good solid drop boxes,Peter Tonkes is his name Rabbitflo is the company name. About 90 per box (whole unit) he might be able to do just top frame for less but do not know for sure. i saw one with my own eyes they are a good box.He is on youtube under rabbitflo....a few vids also showing his temporary rabbit fence system (not too sure about the logistics of this method) but i am sure his number is on display beneath vids.

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    I would of thought if you bought a sheet of 18mm plywood you could make 10 drop box tops out of that and use 2x2x mesh for your bodys i may try to make one and post it for comments


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    Most farm feed / Agriculture sheds will have a suppier, you just need the galvanized lid type, then drop a 12" cut dustbin in the ground, & pop the lid on.

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    Don't like them personally. Purely because they are abused and not used correctly. The ones I have seen have not been checked for months and contained piles of mummified rabbits and hedgehogs etc.

    Just like rodenators, never heard of them been used legally either, but used plenty of times illegally. Ban 'em!

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    you could always try ian woods at protrapper
    Give instruction to a wise man and he will be yet wiser

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    Drop boxes can be very efficient if used correctly, however you do need good rabbit proof fences to get the best results. One trap every 100 yards or so will clear large numbers.
    Personally I wouldn't waste time and money on wooden boxes, they almost always warp and become useless.
    Decent galvanised ones are the best, usually about 80 and last for years.Try the Trap Man but there are plenty available.

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    ttp:// These are the best there is...

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    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Cheers Guys
    Greatly appreciated

    Hi Mudman, I know what you mean, I keep mine under strict control with a padlock, its an extra bit of cost but it is worth it, just for the rabbits sake, this stops any bunny huggers letting them out in between checks and doesn't allow any misuse by over zealous clients who think they will operate there own little trapping programme when they are locked off.

    I went to a demonstration when the rodenator first came over here, the operator blew the bottom of his trousers right off and threw earth over everyone with the bloody thing, just desserts I think. have seen a load of em laid up on farms stuck in the corner rotting away, apparently used once and chucked in the shed


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