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Thread: Christmas is Coming!

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    Christmas is Coming!

    Hey fellas, Put some yo..hoo..hoo into your Christmas with Cabelas gift ideas for the ladies 8)

    God Bless America!

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    Plenty of chaps looking at this thread but no one willing to comment? What happened to all those 'New Men' willing to boldly enter M&S and grab a pair of french knickers and bra and say to the assistant 'I'll have these FOR THE WIFE PLEASE'!
    Do you know your wife's bra size sir? 'Err no sod it....she can have some slippers again...good bye!'

    Just think Gentlemen 'Sexy undies and Realtree' Great! All we need now is gun oil perfume for the old girl! Instant sex appeal!

    Mind you those cold winter morning stalks may not be so attractive!

    I notice that the realtree knickers go up to size 2XL, no problem locating them though, you just aim at the big bush!

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    I don't know, camouflage lingerie has never been my personal pick. Just can't see the point really.


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    I don't think it works if your a girl Gunslinger. If you were male and looking at rather than wearing it, you may see things differently!

    I'm an ex-serviceman, camouflage does it for me everytime! I even like Cabelas realtree bed linen and curtain set. Really far out man!

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