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Thread: Harris Bipod screw replacement

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    Harris Bipod screw replacement

    I bought a Harris bipod off here, but am having a little trouble with the screw that tightens it on to the stud.

    The original has been lost at some point, and the replacement isn't quite long enough to lock it securely onto the stud on my rifle. Does anyone know where I might source a replacement, or even the thread diameter and pitch so I can buy a replacement?

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    I had a similar problem in that I lost the screw. I assume you are talking about the one with the big head on it that you tighten with your fingers? Or at least that would have been the case when new.

    If that is the case and if you don't mind having a screw with a normal screw head, rather than the big head to tighten by hand, then drop me a PM with your address and I will stick a couple in the post to you. It would be Monday before I got the chance to post it, if you need something faster than that then from memory I think the thread is 3/16 Whitworth but don't hold me to that as it is late and my memory isn't great at the best of times. Getting 3/16 whit might be tricky unless you can find a very good hardware shop or somewhere with old stock in a secret storeroom somewhere.

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    Sometime ago i need a replacement screw assy for one of my bipods. I contacted Harris direct by email and they sent a new one FOC. Great Service

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    +1 on purchasing from Brownells, they sell these replacement screws for Harris bipods BIPOD SPEEDY KNOB - Brownells

    Found this handy as well S-LEVER - Brownells

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    Caorach, thanks for the kind offer. I'll take you up on that. There's no rush on it, I have one mod that I swap between .243 and .22, would just be nice to get one on each so I don't have to keep on changing it over. Not worried at all about a normal screw head, I don't tend to take the bipod off in the field.

    All the others, thanks for your replies, lots of useful info!

    Redneck, what email address did you use to email them?
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