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    Hi guy, those of you who use caravans on your stalking leases how do you source electricity to the caravan? Is it all via generators? If so what modle do you use?

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    Big wagon battery.

    Heating is from the gas stove (propane). Caravan is still freezing though so have more layers on inside than when I'm out stalking!

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    use a solar panel for electric and fit a stove for heating ,atb wayne

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    We use a large 12v leisure battery to run the lights.When we leave we connect it to a solar charger thet is put in the window. This seems to keep it topped up.
    Cooking and heating are propane. Our Caravan on our lease has a heating system that vents to the outside so it can be left on all night which is very nice. We have a carbon monoxide alarm however just in case.
    All quite cosy really.
    Saves a fortune on B+B and you are `up and at em`straight away.

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    There is a guy making Thermo electric devices that sit on top off stoves (woodburners etc) and produce electricty, enough for lights etc, one is even watercooled so produces hot water as a byproduct.

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    Now thats a cracking set up

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    Industrial site genny to power lights, on-site larder, water pump which pulls water from the burn for the hot shower, microwave & 32" flat screen TV.
    Propane for gas fire, stove/oven and pilot light for boiler, caravan extension cabin also has wood-burner - cabin also doubles as a sauna

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