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Thread: Brinkmann Smoke n grill

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    Brinkmann Smoke n grill

    Was thinking about trying to make a smoker to 'give it a bash', so to speak but saw one of the above cheap (as in 40, new condition) and wondered if anyone has had any experience with them. Good, bad or waste of time??

    Are they much use for beginners?

    Over to you gents!!


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    Hi i got one of these last year but not taken out of box yet

    I wanted something big enough to do several racks of ribs and joints of meat but it can also be used as a bbq if wanted
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    Ive had one of these for about 10years, its very good and produces some very tasty food. A roe haunch will take several hours, but is worth the wait! Fish, such as mackerel or trout is excellent and takes about 30mins to 1 hour.

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    Cheers rph6.5. If I manage to get it I'll probably pm you for some tips!

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    I wore one of these out. They work well enough but they are tough to do true smoking in due to heat loss: you really need to keep after them. I got a Japanese style ceramic smoker a couple of years ago and never looked back.You can load 20 pounds of natural charcoal in it and it will run at 200F degrees for 80 hours unattended. Unfortunately a tornado decided it wanted my beloved smoker more than I did and dashed it to pieces. I have never been able to replace it.

    Smoked ribs.... I can still smell them! ~Muir

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