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Thread: First ever stalk, 1 deer & a massive thanks to Wayne &am

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    First ever stalk, 1 deer & a massive thanks to Wayne &am

    It started with a phone call from Wayne on the Thursday, saying "he was going out on Saturday, if the weather is ok. Do you want to come along?" I had been patiently waiting for the call since he rang near xmas, so of course i said yes.
    I woke up on the Saturday to find it frosty and the sun breaking through, great i thought the weather is with us. After directions i got to Waynes house about 1.00pm, living only 10 minutes away it was easy enough to find. I introduced myself to Wayne and he got the kettle on, after a quick look at his trophy room,Wow! 8), we went to his cabinet and picked a rifle. We finished our brew and went on to his range. I fired two rounds through his moderated 30-06 blazer rifle, at a target 100 metres away,very nice rifle . We then loaded the kit, and max, Waynes pointer, and off we went.
    When we got on the ground we met up with a guy called Andy, had a quick brew, and set off our different ways. Andy one way, Wayne and myself another. We walked around 200 yards up a track to a gateway and entered the first field. Wayne stopped and told me to look through the trees of the edge of the wood, i picked up the binoculars, and around 300-400 yards in front stood 7 fallow. The adrenaline started pumping. We tried to get closer but one of the does clocked us and they all moved on, we had a quick look around the corner but nothing.
    We then walked up the field to the high seat where we were going to be sat up in and got into place, Wayne told me to get comfy so i did. We waited for about 45 minutes, then out of the wood about 140 yards in front of us appeared 3 fallow does, Wayne told me to take the 3rd one out, i lifted the rifle, looked through the scope and took the safety off, with the cross hairs on the heart i squeezed the trigger.BANG! Yes i thought, i picked my head up and all 3 deer ran back into the cover, Wayne patted me on the shoulder and said "that was a good strike". My adrenaline was pumping. What a buzz!
    We climbed down from the high seat to start the search, and just as we got down the same group started to come out again only further away. There must have been 17 fallow. Wayne had the rifle and got in the prone position, but unfortunately couldnt get a safe shot
    It was getting dark so we had to look for the deer i had shot, we went into the wood 20-30 yards looking up and down, and back again.We couldnt see it. By this time it was dark, i felt gutted! Wayne decided to get max his pointer, he was a bit worried because he hadnt worked him in the dark before, he tried him with a long lead on at 1st then took his lead off we had a lamp and max was working well but he just couldnt get on that blood trail. We started walking back and i noticed Max with his nose to the ground. I said to Wayne "Hes on to something!", we had a look and it was the blood trail. My adrenaline started going again. Wayne cast max in the right direction and we followed him for about 50 yards, he took us straight to the deer. "What a relief" I said to Wayne. Max the hero !
    Wayne gralloched the deer and it was a perfect heart shot
    What an amazing experience!
    I would just like to say thanks to Andy and Max
    And a massive thankyou to Wayne for taking me on my 1st stalk !!


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    Well done Andy ,good on you Wayne you got another one well and truly hooked

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    yes well done to you both.

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    Nice post Wint, and well done to Wayne too. Glad to hear all ended well.
    Kind regards,

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    Well done Andy
    Good account of your first stalk
    Wayne, good on ya mate, do you ever bloody have a blank day


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    Congratulations on the success of your 1st stalk. And thanks for making the effort to write it up, always good to share the buzz - which is clearly what Wayne enjoys too. Well done both of you.

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    Hi Andy
    No problem it was my pleasure, glad you enjoyed it.
    I was chuffed to bits with the dog, he's only 19 months old and still quite green but we might have struggled without him.
    I messed up a bit, I was busting for a piddle and got out of the seat so quick I never marked the strike or where the deer entered the wood.
    It gave Max a good bit of training though, I've let him find a few in the dark on open ground but this was the first time where i was stuggling. There was that much cover in the wood and not being able to find the strike or the entry point, with a lot more searching we would have found it but he did me proud.

    Heres a pic I took of a Andy and Max.


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    He looks proud as punch and Andy looks chuffed aswell

    Well done boys


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    A great write up, and many congratulations on getting your first deer.

    Wayne, you're a credit to both the SD site and the sport of stalking - good on you!


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    Well done mate I can remember my first one with Stone last year the buzz is awesome

    Well done Andy and well done Wayne good on you mate

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