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Thread: sako / tikka magazines

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    sako / tikka magazines

    hi guys,
    thinking of buying a new rifle, sako or tikka.
    do they have floor plates or magazine and which is the best to buy.
    thanks in advance, mark.

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    Such a simple title! Suspect there'll be a few answers

    All the later generation Tikka & Sako's are magazine fed rather than floor plate style.

    T3/ 595/695 etc Tikka have a single col mag of about 3 rounds ( flush ) or 5 rnds that sits out a bit - round count depends on calibre. Sako 75/85 are circa 4/5 subject to calibre.

    Both are good. I like my Sako 75, but would n't feel hard done to with a Tikka. As to choice my preference is Sako, but rifles are very personal things. If budget allows, then choose what feels good in the hand. You mention 'new' - if budget doesnt stretch to Sako, I wouldn't rule out a good secondhand one.
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    cheers moray, that is sound info.
    i shoot with a remy 700 vls, which is a heavy rifle to lug about.
    it is also top loaded which can be cumbersome, since i lost 2 fingers. so a magazine loaded would be better. the sako, is my first choice with a budget of 1500, then the tikka.
    but the browning x bolt looks as if could compete.

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    The Tikka will be a bit lighter than the Sako - but both will seem featherweight after the Remmy

    Depends on nature of your finger 'issue' - but Sako mag is double column - ie you just press in the rounds and can top it off in situ. The Tikka is single stack so rounds must be pressed back under the feed lips - may be a consideration.

    I have had several Brownings and there is a lot to like about them - but I wouldn't go for an x bolt over either of the T & S ( very subjective thing - so no offence to any happy Browning campers ). If in any doubt - try them all for feel etc as much as you can. Being confident in your rifle is a major factor.

    Let us know how you get on.

    Ps - still bit surprised more people havent piled in on this... if only to disagree with what I said
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    Just get an aftermarket AICS magazine system for the Remmy, more reliable feeding than Tikka and Sako together.
    Sako with the double stack can be problematic with short action but mostly reliable with long action. T3 as a single stack
    is mostly reliable until the plastic wears out but that doesn't seem to happen very often.

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    At the risk of getting shot down by all and sundry, I have a Sako 75 in 7-08 , a Tikka 595 in 260, and Tikka 695 in 275 Rigby ( 7x57)... the smoothest feeding of all are the 2 Tikkas, the Sako just 'works'.

    My "Go To" rifles are the Tikkas, and they all three shoot with +/- the same accuracy. The Tikka magazines are plastic for the 595 and steel for the 695 single stack, the Sako is s/steel double stack. It has been said by others; on here previously that single stack magazines are inherently smoother feeding than double stack, that concurs with my own experience.

    Perhaps the newer models of T3 and Sako 85 are different?

    Up to you ... which ever suits your personal preference and wallet the best. They all shoot!


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    I was deliberating both recently too after not liking either for years.. haha. I bought a Tikka T3 hunter in 30-06 not two hours ago. Seemed nice and the mags are cheaper than the Sako and lighter. I've ordered two spare 5 round mags in case I want to use the rifle on driven game.
    I also preferred the straight comb stock on the Tikka.

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    good for you hibrion, i could sway towards the tikka myself. off to the gun shop this coming weekend to have a browse and see whats what. roughly how much are the spare mags.

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    I believe they are 55 punds sterling for the 5 round Tikka mag. That translates to 65 euro by the time we get them: silly currency rogers us once again They are still good value when compared to the Sako mags though. They are also much lighter to carry being plastic.

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    thanks for the info.

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