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    New moderator

    Evening folks, not long had my new Sako 85 stainless ,synthetic,not the finnlite. it came screwcut 14x1 and am now looking for a moderator .
    leaning towards the wildcat 250 which only adds 100mm to the length of the barrel and the remainder sits back over . I,m looking at an over barrel type as trying to keep overall length down , I purchased the rifle on recommendations from others and would like some recommendations on mods from people ,if you have one on a sako 75/85 even better, looking at paying 250ish . Cheers Brough.

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    A-Tec, A-Tec, A-Tec wieghs less than a Wildcat and is Quieter. I have one on my 270, it is a pussy cat to shoot. I have T8 plus a couple of ones I have made myself, the latest one has a Titanium baffle stack. The A-Tec is the best factory one out there in my opinion.

    Best rgds


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    i have a Sako 85 fluted HB varmint stainless in 243 (very nice gun) i have a T8 on it at and find this mod very good.

    i use to own a stealth mod but two blew off another gun and were c**p (never buy one of these) .

    i have not tried any other mods on a centerfire so can only give you my veiws on these two, hope it helps .......neil

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    I have the wildcat 250 on my .22/250 and I have no problems with it at all. It makes a ding if i bang against a fence or tree but so would any other and a neoprene cover sorts it out.

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    I built my own moderators for a while and now also invested in an A-tec. Overall the A-tec is possibly the best one out there. Mine is on a 22-250 and 308.


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    Had a 6.5x55 tika t3 with a .30 t8 on it and thought it was a great combo, I now have a 6.5x55 85 with a .25 ase utra fitted and it is much quieter than tika/t8 set-up.Accuracy good with 22mm and 33mm groups at 200yards after first session. Ase was 275 but you might get cheaper if you push. Jackson rifles don't reccommend .25 size for 6.5x55 rifles but manufactures say it's fine(I got an e-mail direct from them) but .25 gives best noise reduction.

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    I would "respectaby" suggest that you do not rush into the .25 option on the 6.5 x 55.

    I have converesd with the manufacturer in person and they point me in the way of the .30. Yes, the .25 "will". Ouch...

    You think every crown is at 90 degrees to the bore exit?


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    Apologies for not reading fully. Would still not go for the tighter fit.


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    Hi Brough,
    6mths back I picked up my sako 75 syn stainless in .243 calibre. I was advised to fit a jet z mod - big mistake. I have no doubt it is an excellent mod but it made the gun 'front heavy' and out of balance. I changed it for a reflex T4 @ 200 which has a proven history - much better. It extends the barrel length by about 65mm and makes the whole outfit more compact.

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    No worries.... I mentioned the manufacturer v's importer bit to make folk aware of the situation.I had already ordered a 0.3 size when ASE Utra manufacturers e-mailed me to say .25 model ok. They knew I was to fit it to a factory threaded sako 85 6.5x55se.

    I swapped at the last minute and I have to say I'm very happy with the model I chose


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