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    This Mornings Stalk

    well guys, was up this morning before daylight, got the gear sorted and set out about 6:30. Theres a wood where i was wanting to try and get a couple of yearling doe's from as the were about 20 does set up there and the woods not all that big. As i sat in the farmyard scanning with the bino's i spotted 7 roe in the field in front of the wood as it started getting lighter so decided to stalk around the back of the wood and come from around the side. There's a strip of game cover behing the wood and as i slowly walked, wind was in my favour and there were four doe's entering the wood and another closest to me about 80 yrds looking straight at me. Got the sticks out and scope on her, she didnt look as young as i had hoped but everyone counts so squeezed the trigger and down she went.
    After the gralloch i hoped that the wind had carried the sound of the rifle away and the roe in front of the field were still there so carried on. When i got to the edge of the wood they were all still there. One good buck with nice head in velvet, 2 younger bucks and 4 does. They were feeding walking to the wood about 150 yrds away so i stalked down the wood a wee bit. Through the bino's i could tell 2 doe's were young so planned on getting one of them, stalked further down the wood when somthing must have spooked the and they started trotting towards me. I set the rifle up against the nearest tree hoping they would stop for a bit and so they did, put the cross hairs on one of the young ones and squeezd, another one down. She was a yearling and one for the freezer, the maturee doe when to the butcher to get prepared fo the Lairds so all in all a good morning.

    Got my new zeiss scope fitted to the rifle now so as soon as the wind die's down i will have to get them sighted in for another bash.

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    Nice account.

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    Cheers lads !!

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    fife is a good place for roe .Sounds as if u had a good morning great write up

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