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Thread: Help with variation wording please

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    Help with variation wording please

    Hi Everyone, I currently own a .308Win stalking rifle which is unmoderated, it is an older Steyr model L and is ideal for stags on the hill. I run a tree surgery business and get regularly asked to carry out deer management as part of a planting plan for example. I would like to buy a new rifle in 7mm-08 which is moderated and short barrelled so the rifle is balanced. Ideally I would like to keep both rifles as I feel it would ruin my .308 putting a moderator on it. Does anyone know of the correct wording that I could use please? I was going to ask the BASC next week at the Shooting Show, and then order my new rifle!

    Many thanks


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    Exactly the same wording as you have put here!! Good reason and clear what you want

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    +1 to Richard Parsons' advice. Keep it simple and the truth will do nicely.

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    spot on, you may as well add that the shorter rifle wood also be useful for 'Woodland Stalking'

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