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Thread: Sika Stalker from the South

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    Sika Stalker from the South

    8am Nigel arrived at my door to shoot one of the few red stags I had left. He has been stalking for 3 years now mainly on sika down Dorset way. We took my usual route to my range and as we had agreed Nigel had bought his 243 and I am not a fan to say the least. Not convinced they are the best on big heavy red stags. But anyways it was there on the ground ready and waiting.
    The wind was blowing in gusts but at 100yrds it realy did not matter group was just fine. But 150 to 200yrds things were a little different. Nigel was getting some big groups wind was affecting the old 243 big time. Plus its a big confidence knocker when you take your old faithfull out to shoot someone elses deer. But after a couple of hours,some tea and shots in between gusts I was happy Nigel was happy.
    Nigel was very chatty quite happy to tell me all about his sika shooting and numbers, he was a wealth of information. I have never seen a sika let alone shot one found it fascinating.
    Went up the hill just before lunch and the sun had gone rain was commong in. We sat in the gorse ,rain hamming down not fun. 2 stags 3 hinds and 2 prickets bolted out the gorse down the hill and round the back of the spinny. After 10mins we made our way down the fence line keeping low. But we were spotted so we moved down out of sight. The rain just got heavier and we were laying down in the wet mud and grass. Nigel and crept alone the grass and onto a mound waiting for the deer to show. They were a little on the frisky side and would not stand still for long. Still raining Nigel lined up on one stag took the shot at 180 yrd. 10 pointer crumpled 20 yrds from where it was shot.
    Put my hands up it was bang on the money no messing the 243 did its job. Vey pleased for Nigel,first red stag. Nigel was a very hands on guy did all the field work on the beast. Helped me with the skinning and breaking down of the carcass. When we had finished I took him into the cutting room to do a little butchery. Nigel wanted to know a little more about the cuts from the hind quarters. I have no problem showing someone who wants to learn.
    Nigel and I had an ejoyable day together and I think I learned as much about sika as he did about reds, plus the rain never stops play
    The Picture is of me, my dog and the stag, Nigel is happy just taking the pictures and I respect that.

    My kind regards to Nigel for driving up today.
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    Cheers Andrew a good day out and a lot learnt this end. You did forget your weather forcasting skills, said to me" i think its clearing up" just as the heavens opened. I had a good laugh, learnt a lot and met Rupert who could ask for more!

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