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Thread: reloading for my sako 75 2506

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    reloading for my sako 75 2506

    help please guys im looking for the best reload for my sako 75 in 2506
    ive just started reloading my own and im looking for the tried and tested to save me time and money money being the most important factor if its any help i shoot factory rounds in winchester 120 gr soft nose but what do you use ?what powder ?primers ? load in grains ?and what bullet head does the best job looking forward to hearing from you all thanks stuart

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    Hi, there are lots of variables when reloading, what works in one rifle may not work in another. You will get a lot of different loads suggested, what ever you do start under any recommended loads and work up to see what is good in your rifle checking for signs of pressure as you go.

    In my SHR970 25-06 I only use 100 grain bullets either Nosler BT's or sierra pro hunters and my powder of choice is 52.5 grains of Alliant reloader 17 this is .5 under Alliants max load. I use standard CCI large rifle primers in Norma 270 win cases that I neck down to 25-06. Before switching to Reloader 17 I used 55.5 grains of Viht N165 with the above 100 grain bullets.

    The NBT's can do a lot of damage at close range but at longer ranges they work very well giving good clean kills without excessive meat damage. At close range the sierra pro hunter do a lot less damage but I have not yet used one past 150 yds.

    Hope this helps


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    thanks rick i see what your saying about working loads up i did the same with my 22250 ended up with an awesum round my mate will help me just looking for a few tips when i find something i can clover leaf at 100 over 100 or over il just stick to it im fussy like that but you goto have confidence in what you shoot thanks again stu

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    When i ran a 25-06 i used H4350 with 100 grain Sierra Game Kings, Winchester cases and Fed 210M Primers.
    I used 52 grains as that was the book load back then but i believe it has been dropped to 50 grains now. As always, start low and work up looking for pressure signs.
    If you are Woodland Stalking and the ranges at which you shoot the Deer are likely to be close it may be worth considering a premium 100 grain bullet or maybe a heavier one as the impact velocities are likely to be high.
    Enjoy your 25-06, it is an excellent cartridge that will serve you well. I moved on to the Ackley version but that is a different story.

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    Nosler 100g ballistic tip, 49.5 grains of IMR 4831. Federal match primers.
    Works a treat for my sako 75.

    This is the load that is deemed most accurate in Nosler's handbook. After a bit of experimentation with various recipes, I went with this one and have done for 8 years.

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    thank you very much guys theres definaitly a 100 gr thread going on here

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    IMR4350 x52gn, H4350 x50gn with 100gn 1620 Sierra Prohunter bullet both produce 1/4" MOA in my .25-06 at 100yds.
    Primer is either CCI200 or Rem. 9 1/2 both work well.
    Work up with usual caution. Cheers
    Blaser K95 Luxus Kipplaufbüchse .25-06Rem. Zeiss 8x56, 110gn Nosler Accubond = Game Over!

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    right today i loaded a few 49 grain h4350 into winchester cases cci long rifle primers 100 grain nosler ballistic tips gunna take them out tommorow morning see how they go thanks for the help guys

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    I have used Sierra Prohunter 100gn 1620 out to 300yds on red hinds & they work fine.

    I've also worked up the load with both IMR & H4350 with Nosler 100gn BT & Nosler 110gn Accubond.
    Neither Nosler bullet would give the tight groups at 100yds I get from the Sierra, but weren't far off at 1/2" MOA.

    I'd like to get the Nosler 110gn AB to work better for the additional terminal performance when a long range shot is required.
    I just got some Reloder 22 to try.....might get some better results with it.Click image for larger version. 

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    Blaser K95 Luxus Kipplaufbüchse .25-06Rem. Zeiss 8x56, 110gn Nosler Accubond = Game Over!

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    i have tried reloader 22 53 grns 117 hornady
    hodgson 4831 52 grns 117 hornady
    imr7828 55 grns 117 hornady btsp or sst in all loads
    all are top end loads so start lower any of these will give me i one hole group at 100yds in two different 25 i own both sako custom builds the most recent by MIKE NORRIS you think you have missed the hole is that small for five shots with a velocity of 3160fps for the last load so please work up your own load these all print to the same point of aim in my rifles so good luck and keep trying im sure you will get there with the information on here . i dont use 100s as i tend to uses the two on sika and red more than anything else but have shot all 6 species with a 25 no problems probably to much gun for some though just my own thought

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