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Thread: A Worthy Opponent!

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    A Worthy Opponent!

    Out as usual on Friday evening / night, We met a very canny customer, He is going to be the focus of quite some effort over the next week or so,I suspect that this one actually knows a bit about backstops!, He played us for around twenty minutes, stalking a rabbit that was on our side of a double wired enclosure, only venturing onto our field, when He seemed to know that the bino's were mainly filled with a scene of the nightime docks across the river!, calling both electronically & with the old methods just seemed to entertain him, perfect presentation for a head or chest shot , Lambing is in progress too! Maybe He'll meet a mutual friend of Mike & Myself, up for a visit, love it when the game is harder than the usual there's one,... bang,... jobs.
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    I have about half a dozen like that, all the sweeter when you do eventually catch up with them. Out last night saw four but could not get a shot at any of them. The wind on the moor seemed to change direction every ten miutes. I will be out again tonight to give it another try.

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