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Thread: leica geovid 8x56 HD

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    leica geovid 8x56 HD

    hi folks,got a pair of hd leicas 8x56 exteriour as new, lenses one unfortunately one has 3 very light scratches,and i do feel i am being a bit pickie,but if i bought them from some of you guys i would defo see them and have words, i am going to menction them,beautifil redie coloured hd lenses,with all the paper work and box,originally bought from mcleouds of tain for a lot more than i am asking,i would put photos up but aparently i have used my quota and i dont know how to fix this ,1012 goldie coloured coins posted special delivery,pm me and we can have a chat,cheers.

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    Why does the goldie coloured cons need to be posted special delivert? Nice bins, wish I could afford them, Jim

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    Dave sent me these pics so i have put them up for him.

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    cheers mate much apprecieated.
    Quote Originally Posted by camo304 View Post
    Dave sent me these pics so i have put them up for him.

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    Just a quick point, assistance. If you go into your persnal profile, left hand side of screen you will see a list of functions. Click attachments. you will see your photos published. click the box and delete those to old to be of any use. You will then have room for new ones, Jim

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    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD.payment pending but as good as SOLD.

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