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Thread: Confused about 7mm-270wsm and .284 win

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    Confused about 7mm-270wsm and .284 win

    What is a 7mm-270wsm is the barrel chambered to a .270 wsm but for a 7mm bullet and how do you get the brass? I am also thinking of getting a .284win but is the brass exactly the same as the 6.5-284 and is just a cases of necking up with a 7mm .284 die? All my rifles are common calibers and have no problems getting Lapua brass for my other rifles.

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    The first, the chamber takes 270WSM brass necked up to 7mm and the bore is for 7mm/.284 bullets. You can just use an expander die and mandrel for the neck and then the cases will fireform as you shoot them.
    The same for the .284 - people like to use 6.5-284 lapua brass and neck it up to 7mm/.284 using the same expander mandrel as above.

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    Thank you is quite simple then is good when someone explains things simple and not over explains things now I just need to decide witch one to get. Thank you again for your help.

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