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Thread: Osteopaths

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    Have any of you used an Ostepaths here? I have had a prolapsed disc for a few years now and been to the NHS back clinics but my back problem still keeps occuring, so much that I wont go shooting now some days through fear of aggrivating it. I have thought about going to an Osteopath but dont want to waste my cash if they cant actually help, so any experience of them anyone?


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    Hi Pete

    Hamworthy Osteopathic Clinic funny enough in Hamworthy Poole

    Greg Ball, hes a great bloke who has helped me personally and other members of my family and friends

    Well worth a visit
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    i see one before and after every rugby season as i have bad back problems. they are well worth the money in my opinion, and the exerises they gave me to do were far better than the ones the nhs gave me


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    I can highly recommend seeing both osteopaths and physiotherapists privately for back treatments and in my considerable experience the NHS is a total waste of time. I was even told by the IW Primary Care Trust that being put on an 18 week waiting list is receiving treatment according to my clinical needs - absolute b*ll*cks!. Get the Osteo to sort your joint/disc problems, the Physio will then sort the associated soft tissue problems. atb Tim

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    The head of the Physio Dept at my local hospital goes to my osteopath to get his back sorted!

    Kind of says it all really.
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    I went to a sports injury doctor, masseurs, osteopaths, a chiropracter and a shiatzu practitioner. The sports injury doctor was the worst. When I asked what I could do to help myself he gave me a photocopied leaflet about sway-back (I now know it contained diametrically wrong advice) and told me that if my back starts to hurt to stop doing what I was doing. When I reminded him I was a blacksmith and that would mean the end of my career he said "tough". Without exception the others gave temporary relief but had no self help advice other than "come back next week and I will make you feel better for a couple of days".

    Then three things happened which turned it all around.

    By chance I saw my old family GP about another matter, he was retired and just helping out on Locum. He said I see from the notes you have had a disc problem have they told you about "Treat your own Back" by Robin Mackenzie? Apparently when he had done his back in the physio he saw said to get this book and sort it out himself.

    I bought a backswing, which is a tilting table, you lean back on it clamp your ankles to it and lift your hands over your head which alters the centre of gravity and allows you to hang upside down by your ankles, brilliant traction. I used to hang upside down all evening watching TV after I got used to it. Previously I tried to hang myself from the crane at the forge but the sling under the armpits was agony!

    Thirdly I changed GP clinic to a new one closer to home but actually prompted by the experience with the awful sports specialist. My new GP just happened to be married to a brilliant Physiotherapist who sorted me out in 5 sessions. If you are anywhere near Gloucestershire at any time I can only recommend you see her. In fact knowing the difference she made to my life I would have travelled any distance to see her.

    This was almost 20 years ago and I am still a blacksmith.

    Ongoing recipe for my back:

    Problem caused by 20 years of bending forward over anvil, power hammer, bench and computer keyboard, remedy...bend backwards a lot and get flexibility into entire spine. Reachieve your lordosis, the hollow at the base of your spine. Most damage happens between fourth and fifth vertebrae around the age of forty because we don't use all the articulation and stiffen up elsewhere.

    I stick hands on hips and push hips tummy forward at the first sign of any niggle in my back. If I can find a bit of clean floor I do a wimps push up to arch my back....lie on tummy, hands under shoulders, push up leaving tummy on ground, hold for ten seconds relax for ten then do it again. Do not push up into discomfort. When I first started those I could only get my shoulders six inches off the ground, within a fortnight I could lock my elbows straight.

    BEFORE picking stuff up and handling heavy weights, always have somewhere to put it down! Don't stand on one leg kicking stuff out the way to make space while holding a heavier item.

    Bend your knees not your back. Feet at shoulder width, heels on the ground, look up then lift.

    Stand Tall, Sit tall. Bum into the back of any chair or sofa, never slump especially after exercise.

    Sorry my reply is so long, but it is still a major importance to me to get the word out to fellow sufferers. I still remember the fear of paralysis and helplessness and the weeks I spent on incorrect doctor's advice to lay in bed. Keep moving and exercise to regain flexibibilty is the best advice for 95% of lower back problems.

    Best of luck, Alan

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    I once went to see an Osteopath about some back pain she said the problem was the 7th vertebrate and with me laid on my back on her couch set off to massage it by sliding her hands under me then moving them backwards and forwards. The thing was her well formed and pert breasts were pushed into my face so when she asked if it was relieving the stiffness I was VERY tempted to say that it had moved somewhere else. I went back three days later for another sesh - well you have to don't you ??
    ...oh and the massage did have a positive effect on the back problem also.

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    There was one in Southampton who,s full time job was a meat inspector for MLC

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    Be carefull i went to on 20 years ago and it realy helped, but now im 60 and it is so bad i can hardly walk i have 3 sliped and a prolapsed one alsoi saw the scan pic and there is a v shaped lump missing from one disc...... i actualy think it was due to the manipulations from the osteopath.
    Not saying they no good coz it did work at the time but now i think i am paying for it ....

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    Many thanks for the replies guys, I think I should see one no matter what.. I know they are expensive at first , but to be honest the bloody pain at times is so bad I would pay triple!.



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