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Thread: 3 species in a weekend twice in a row

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    3 species in a weekend twice in a row

    Over the last two weekends I have had several members off the SD site stalking with me on my lease in west Sussex. The two major species are Fallow and Roe, but of late we have started to see Muntjac move in although non had ever been taken to the larder as it has always been just rumour that they were in the area.

    Well this weekend saw Wadashot take another Muntie, with last week, Jim (aka Daft Dog) taking the first ever of the estate, and also it being his first Muntjac. This weekend saw Soul boy take his first Fallow in one outing with the rest of the weekend producing a further 2 fallow doe's, plus 2 Roe doe's falling to one rifle and a the Munty that Wadashot took. This is also not taking into account a further 2 Fallow doe's both Tikka 308 and Wadashot took with Robin off his ground nearby.

    Not a bad end to the season in West Sussex as I am now finished down there for this doe season, although I still have some more Sika hinds to take before the month is out.

    For those that want to book for this coming winter, please contact me via PM. Dates are partially booked already with overseas clients. But there is still room for most clients. Fees will be 75 a stalk and no kill fees on doe's, prickets, hinds and young staggies.

    Sika, Fallow, Roe and with luck Muntjac.

    For Scotland I have Reds and Sika. Please PM for details and pricing.



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    nice one malc look after them munties you know what can happen when they get mullered we have stopped shooting them at the northants estate you used to visit .....not enough left on there ,and just look how many there was just 8/9 years ago like rabbits

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    Brilliant weekend again Malc, Thank you, And also thanks again for the invite off Robin. Back home now after another busy weekend. Thanks

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    Well done guys!

    Did you christen the 25-06?

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    Good to know you got home safe and sound, both you and Waddas. Look forward to later in the spring when I expect you will be down again. And you know both of you are welcome to coem and stay when me and Sandra move to our new home


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    Im glad the new ventures working out for you Malc

    Sounds like youve all had a good weekend again mate

    Hopefully catch up at the end of the month

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Not yet Csl, i took the mans gun again , Cheers Malc .

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    Well Well, it sounds like the munties are in for the long term. Sounds like a good weekend all round!


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    Will the faint hearted please not look, Wadas. Muntie, he is working his way up to a full sized deer apparently, but his Russian rockets can manage this size OK

    On the other hand the senior guide does them a little larger but he needs his "man's gun" his words not mine !!

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    I look forward to visiting your patch for my first stalk in April Malc, it looks great by all accounts! Just on my way back from my DSC1 assessment which I'm pretty sure I passed. Nice to know I can still shoot well too!

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