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Thread: stalking tonight

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    stalking tonight

    i went out tonight on my permission and came across 9 roe two really nice bucks and all the rest where does .I watched for half an hour while they larked in the sunshine and then what appeared to be a button buck when it turned away to reveal the anal tush . wow i thaught so watched them abit more all the while i was thinking why didnt i bring my camera or video camera. she turned again to reveal a large growth on the side of her neck so cycled the bolt and let rip 153yrds off sticks low neck she dropped on the spot the others watched her twitch and carried on i was about to take another when i heard a quad start up a couple of fields away and come tearing down i could here him shouting to the dog to chase the deer i unloaded the rifle and stood on my boundry with the rifle on the deck as soon as he saw he just kept on going and away . i have found out who he is so will catch up with him at some point but in the meantime heres some pictures off my phone,atb wayne

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    wow thats an interesting one fella.. Any other signs of ill health or just that growth? was it solid or full of liquid?!

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    Its saddening to see a un healthy animal , did you explore the growth any further if so what do you think caused it ?

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    i havnt opened it up on the growth didnt want to use my stalking knife it is solid though real hard she had good weight and a real good coat no signs of ill health on the lungs liver or heart .the nodes on the intestines looked ok but havnt checked the others as yet,atb wayne

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    I shot one on Thursday with exactly the same looking growth. At the top of her front leg. She was in good condition and fit looking. Lump was solid cheers Jason

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    i cannot see anything other than the lump to say she is unhealthy ,here is the lump cut open solid with dark patches inside doesnt look very pleasent ,wayne

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    We had a fallow doe in the park with a similar lump on her thigh it never affected her the vet said it looked like a mole and treatment would be more stressfull than the worth of it.

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    One I took a few miles away from you Wayne, about 3 years ago....

    Click image for larger version. 

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    So what's the thoughts on the lump. From what you say Wayne the animal is good to eat then. What sort of dog was quad rider letting loose.

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    The growth had a small hole so not sure if something like a cut had started it off.the lump wasn't firmly attached it was under the skin and hanging down. On the dog thing it was a weimaraner he was on the neiboring land which wasnt his ,he had no idea I was there and was shouting at the dog to chase them but the dog had no intention of doing so just running around like a loon. He just turned the quad around and went off back to the village.
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