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Thread: Slings and rough weather

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    Slings and rough weather

    I opted to go for a synthetic stocked rifle as I wanted to venture out in rough conditions and not worry too much about damage. I was very lucky and picked up a virtually new Blaser Outback second hand which came with a Butler Creek black nylon webbing and neoprene sling which visually complements the rifle. However the webbing and neoprene seem to soak up the rain like a sponge and take an age to dry (days). So far I've got around this by leaving the stock with the sling in a dry place and locking barrel and telescope away in the gun cabinet, bolt is obviously locked away in a separate safe. Can't say I'm happy about leaving the stock out of the cabinet for a day or two until the sling dries so I'm looking for a solution.

    Can anyone recomend a more waterproof sling, preferably black or is there such a thing as quick release swivels/buckles so I can remove the sling for drying?

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    I have used neoprene slings on my synthetic stocked Sako for the last 5 years. Neoprene is great from a comfort perspective but you can't stop it getting wet - coatings simply don't work. I'm not sure there's any such thing as a truly waterproof sling.

    Therefore I went with the quick release swivels on my sling/stock and that works fine. When I get back from stalking on a wet day I take the sling off and hang it over a radiator to dry - I have a spare sling and swivels that I can put on if I'm going to go out again that day.

    Wish I could do the same for my Swaro bino's!


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    Re: Quick Release swivels

    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker
    I`ve got these on my sling, undo or do up in seconds.

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    What you need to be careful of Renard is that the Blaser studs for the sling swivels are of a smaller size to the more common US size and so many swivels will not fit into them as they are too big.

    I had the same problem as you and in the end went for a Westley Richards canvas sling. It is a lovely job and although it will get wet this makes it stick to the shoulder better so it is nearly a positive thing.

    I got quick release swivels from Alan Rhone that are just perfect and are a lovely bit of engineering. Of course they were on the expensive side for a swivel (about 37 I think) but now that I've been using them for a while I think they were worth it.

    Here are some photos, if you want more then let me know:

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    i had some of these made up from this eBay shop they are very good very strong and i got them to water proof them and had some carving done.

    and the shop is

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    Thank-you all for the replies. I think I will go for quick release swivels as I am otherwise happy with the sling. Looks like a bit of careful measuring will be required to make sure I match the Blaser studs.

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    Neoprene Sling


    I have one of these in a box in my garage. Like you I liked the look of it.

    thought it was *****.

    now i have one of these and a leather one

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    I believe that this one got it's start with Tactical gear. I became acquainted with it when I bought a crossbow from a friend. It came with on on it. As advertised they are very moisture proof, comfortable and do the job. I haven't transferred it to my carbine yet as the one I have on it is a favorite, a wider older military style, leather one. Over the years, I found that regular treatment with a product known as Snow Seal keeps it quite water resistant plus I have the advantage of quick adjustability and arm looping the sling for offhand shots.

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