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Thread: Passion for Stalking, one for Dave/6.5X55

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    Passion for Stalking, one for Dave/6.5X55

    I have just received a e-mail saying Passion for Stalking site is closing down, Dave (6.5X55) is this true or has somebody hacked into your site and it is a wind up?

    All the best


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    I think this is true because I got the same email and I was tipped of some time ago by one of their other long standing members.


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    It is true, it is closed down. I spoke to Dave today and he confirmed it.


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    Me to, got an Email tonight. Its a great shame when a site is ruined by arseholes

    I can assure you it will not happen with this site. At least not while me and John manage it.

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    I got an email, I see the site is still up.

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    The Email said the forum side of the site was closed, Maybe the rest of the site will remain.

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    You can read what is there but, you cannot post, that part of it is switched off.


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    I just want to say how disappointed I am that this has happened.
    I liked the fact that there weren't huge numbers of members on PFS, so it was pretty easy to get a rapport.
    I got the impression that quite a lot of folk just went on for a look rather than posting, but I will say that the people who did contribute often gave me good chat & sound advice.
    I had a couple of invaluable offers to help improve my stalking abilities & this helped reduce the chances of me going out stalking & seeing nothing!
    So I would like to openly thank those who guided me,as I see them on here too from time to time.
    I shot my first deer almost a year ago & would be further back experience wise if it weren't for the tips that were willingly given.
    Cheers Gents - Good Times, Danny

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    Yes the site is closed and will not be back on line ever .Sad but hey some times you got to do the right thing.

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    It's back on as of today.


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