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Thread: Finnfire .22lr magazines

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    Finnfire .22lr magazines

    Hi , i managed to lose my only magazine last night !

    Anybody have any spare to sell please 10 shot preferred but 5 will do also, new or second hand as long as they work


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    Matey i feel for you i lost my 10 round mag last year , thank god i had a spare 5 shot and IMHO the 10 shots are really a 9 shot and depending on the mag maybe a 7 shot,
    good luck with your search

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    Give Mike Dickinson at Calton Moor Range a ring or PM. I think he as some.



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    This may sound daft but I lost a 5 round finnfire mag the other month (with ammo in it ) on a few hundred acre piece of land I shoot on. Luckely I had a rough Idea which field I had dropped it in and after a walk round managed to find it (fortunately the beasts hadnt trod it it). I was actually suprised how easy it was to find. ANyway I'm sure you've looked but if not its worth a try if you've got a rough idea where it may be.

    On a related note - I have a 10 shot mag which I almost threw away recently and would offer you (but you said you want one that works) - it seems to not want to let the gun feed the rounds, think its something to do with the angle the spring pushes them up, if anyone has any ideas.

    Lastly - If your stuck for a mag while you wait for a new one send me a pm and I'll lend you a spare 5 round mag that I have till you get a replacement.


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