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Thread: Stealth Cam Pics

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    Stealth Cam Pics

    Attachment 12823Attachment 12824Thought some of you might be interested to see some more pictures taken on my mates cameras.

    Attachment 12820Attachment 12821Attachment 12822
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    Great pics...

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    Geat pics from the stealth cam ......a very useful bit of kit

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    Very nice. Beautiful countryside too

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    Great pics, I cant wait for mine to arrive!!!

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    Very good pics - our syndicate is thinking of getting a couple to try and indentify poachers on our ground in South Ayreshire, has anyone else used them effectively for this purpose?..



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    Nice pics, thanks for posting them up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jay 22 View Post
    what model is the camera
    he has 2 but one is a Bushnell that cost a fair bit of money. Nor sure of the model but it is about 3 years old so no doubt the same technology will have come down a lot in price now...

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    were they taken at lockness

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