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Thread: when deer give themselves up !

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    when deer give themselves up !

    I was out stalking recently ,when walking across a field i saw movement above me . It was 8 Fallow in the wood on the other side of the stock fence .They saw me and started to move , only for a single doe to jump the fence ,run in a semi circle around me and then stop , where i shot her at 110 m . Why did she do that ! Anyone else got a tale of when a deer gave themselve up ?


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    drawing your attention away from her young perhaps?
    "It's halfway down the hill, directly below that tree next to a rock that looks like a bell-end"

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    Does 'the selfish gene' apply to species other than man?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vipa View Post
    Does 'the selfish gene' apply to species other than man?
    It applies to genes. Its fairly safe to assume deer have genes....

    In fact I saw a nice Hind in primark trying a pair on..... BOOM BOOM

    I suspect fallow are more the slacks type

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    Once bumped a buck out of a flowering OSR field. He ran along the nearest strip of beech trees so we set up on the sticks ready for him to jump out into the field at the end. He did so but didn't stop, just legged it up the field a good 400 yards, chance gone. Then he stopped for a second, turned round and ran all the way back towards us. Joined the wood where he jumped the fence and ran down it straight to us. My client shot him at 20 yards, he was a nice silver medal.
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    MJR i bet your client hasn,t got bored telling that story ? what a result !


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    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    I read a story years ago in the Stalking Magazine that was subscription only, about a roe (think it ws a buck but cannot remember for certain) that appeared one day at the bottom of the authors garden and would not go away. It just stood there while he went and got his rifle and shot it. It transpired it had a horrendous maggot infested wound on its head. The long version of the story went on to explain how he was convinced because of its actions that the deer stood there deliberately to be put out of its misery...

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    I've been out many a time and tried to get a little to close and the roe lift the head up and down repeatedly as if they are trying to focus on you,they get closer and do it again and even again,I've had many a curious fawn

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    Strange one was last weekend whilst zeroing with my 700, a doe actually walked under the target whilst we were firing and then carried on down the field!

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