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Thread: I have experienced "buck fever"!!

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    I have experienced "buck fever"!!

    well not exactly "buck" but "magpie" fever!

    I do like a good Magpie hunt and take great pleasure, great, great pleasure, slotting them whenever the chance presents itself

    I had shot a rabbit the other night and left the skin out in the field as bait for the hoodies and magpies. had the firing point all set up in the spare room when I saw a magpie float down and have a bit of a peck. bit gusty but a straightforward 60ish yard shot
    just as I was drawing a bead on it with the .22 I saw another one come into view.

    Now I have a dilemma! which one do I shoot first.

    Then it came to me, this may be one of the rare and golden opportunities for "two for one".
    I waited and waited as they hopped around each other, just when they looked like one would walk in front of the other the other one would hop away.
    more hopping and dancing and then the moment came.
    they both walked towards each other one slightly infront, my heart was pumping, then.....Bang (or "pop" to be more accurate!)

    I pulled it to the right and they both flew away! gutted! may never happen again and I wasted my chance!
    I noticed the trigger was a little stiff which I am blaming on my snatchy shot rather than my shaking hands!

    trigger now lightened off in preparation for the next "double" opportunity!

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    bird in the hand leaps to mind

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    That's seriously funny. I've got an image of you hanging out of a small bathroom window. In a Rowen Atkinson???? Kind of way. Made my morning.... Thanks.Lol

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    never hang out of the window, magpies are wise to that!
    have to be inside, sniper style so they dont see you!

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    yes,,ideally recessed into a dark room from a distance, slight gap in the window and curtains 3/4 drawn. Stable firing position off the toilet seat and across the sink,,nice marble top provides a sturdy surface for the 6" harris bipod. Ideally leave the water running to hide the sound of the shot. Leave the door slightly open for a quick getaway...

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