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Thread: GWP Pups

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    GWP Pups

    5 GWP Pups available

    Born Sunday 12th Feb and have been legally docked,microchipped and dew claws removed, so will be ready for collection from 6 weeks old (March 24th) and will come with KC registration, microchip registration, docking forms, 1st vacc and 6 weeks free insurance.

    Attachment 12851Attachment 12852

    Below are some photos of the Sire with one of the pups, Max, at six months old, from our last litter.

    Attachment 12857Attachment 12858 Attachment 12859
    PM me for details.

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    Took some more photos this evening, they will be three weeks old on Sunday 4th March. There is also a resized pic of their brother Max at 7 months.
    Attachment 13252Attachment 13247Attachment 13249Attachment 13250Attachment 13251Attachment 13248

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    A couple of good solid looking GWPs there matey. . . . . Great breed the GWP, wouldn't be without mine now !!!

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    I have worked Springers and Labs for years, thinking about a change to GWP, they look very white, do they change as they mature to the flek/ticked coat, sorry if I seem a bit thick, new to the breed, I am looking for a bitch, any left?

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    Quote Originally Posted by navaran5 View Post
    I have worked Springers and Labs for years, thinking about a change to GWP, they look very white, do they change as they mature to the flek/ticked coat, sorry if I seem a bit thick, new to the breed, I am looking for a bitch, any left?
    PM sent.


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    Hello Ade.

    I have always wanted a working GWP, but did not know anything about dogs, so got a lab to start with, and will move on to a GWP in the future. Your dogs ( and litter ) look fabulous, but I was wondering if you could tell me the weight of the two dogs in the 1st picture of three, on the left, please ?? They look very impressive I have to say but I have never seen one in the flesh, so have no idea of scale.

    If you have time to reply that would be great, thank you.

    All the best with the litter.


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    The two dogs together in the photo are the sire of the litter and his 7 month old son. The sire is a solid 32kg ( he was weighed last week having his booster) and his son is currently around the 26kg mark,but I am expecting him to end up around 33-34kg once he has stopped growing and filled out. You tend to find that they will attain their full height by 12 months old and will look tall and lean, but they start to fill out with muscle around about 18 months.


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    Hello Ade.

    Thank you for the reply, as that information is very interesting. They do look heavier than their size / weight suggests. I was expecting a 38 - 40 KG answer... Yours look really cracking dogs, I like the colour, and having read up more on the breed since your post, I will definitely be saving my pennies.... sadly not in a position at this stage to get one sooner....

    All the best .


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    If you go by the books the average weight for a adult dog is 30-34kgs bitches a bit less 26-28kgs, but they can be bigger. Although if the dog is being worked mainly for birds and rough shooting you don't really want a big built dog as a leaner lighter dog is better for hunting and quartering for long periods, whereas for stalking I prefer the bigger dogs because if you've got a wounded animal that hasn't gone down they are capable of pulling some species down. I've seen gwp's do this very effectively with Roe and have heard of them holding down Fallow. I think they are capable of pulling down a Fallow doe or yearling, but I would be dubious if they would be effective on an adult Fallow buck, plus I wouldn't want the dog hurt and would prefer to be in the position where the dog has found the animal and brought it to bay so I can finish it off with another round.

    They are very strong dogs for their size and the dogs usually have well developed necks once fully muscled and strong hind quarters. I often play tug games with mine and they can litterally drag me around the floor of the house and I'm 14 stone (maybe a bit more, but I tell myself I'm still that weight!!)


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    First Vaccination and health check done today, 2 bitch pups and 1 dog pup available.

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