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Thread: starting up reloading

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    starting up reloading

    i was lucky enough to win 200 this morning and was just wondering seeing as i depleted my ammo stores yesterday if it was possible to get set up for reloading for the same amount? i would like to reload for .308 and.223 if this makes any difference? cheers guys

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    Hello their this is going to make some role their eyes! But here goes.
    I started with a Lee Kit its cheep and cheerful but for 200 you should be able to get the kit a manual, dies for both calibers! With change enought for the tea and cake for when you read the book!
    P.S. Im still using the Lee kit!

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    haha let the eyes roll away martin, thanks for the advice, im thinking a shopping trip may be in order later. im looking forward to starting down this route

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    Look out for second hand gear.

    I started reloading for my .223 for 160, which included everything I needed plus a few tubs of powder and some bullets thrown in.

    Reloading is a slippery slope so above all else try really hard to keep it very simple (says he who now has over 2k worth of reloading gear ).

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    haha the worrying thing is i do have an addictive personality......i really really cant wait, to be fair im not sure the .223 needs it as it puts 3 rounds quite literally in under .5 inch at about 100 yards but what the hell haha........bring it on. if any of you have suggestions towards a good powder for each then im happy to listen....thanks again guys

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    Lee are ok but there are other makes, I would get to Newark on Saturday/ Sunday for the Gun show - there will be loads for reloaders there and you can ask questions.

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    (Oooo! How many times have I posted this???)

    Get a good reloading manual and READ it. You will then be able to deduce the powder you want without asking suggestions. I highly recommend the "Modern Reloading" by Richard Lee. If you read it, and understand it... all of it... you will be well ahead of your average internet-learned reloader. Some of the charts and calculations you can make are invaluable. I keep a copy in my library and one well-used copy on my loading bench.~Muir

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    Over the years I have tried many powders but finally settled on N133 for both calibres.

    The .223 bullet weighs from 50grn to 68grn shoot very well with this as do the .308 from 110 to 150grn.
    For heavier bullets I use N140.

    I like N133 because it burns completely and it is clean, it also groups very well and does not seem to be affected by temperature variations.

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    brilliant, once again, thanks guys....i suppose i should go to newark really with it only being about 25 minutes away....its dangerous going there with money though as my eye always gets taken by something else

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