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Thread: .17HMR CZ vs Savage?

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    .17HMR CZ vs Savage?

    Still thinking about a .17 and narrowed it down to two models. What do you think about the CZ 452 thumbhole varmint against the Savage 93R17 BTVS? I have asked about the savage before but not the CZ - what do you recommend? ALSO what do you think about the 17 as a foxing round at a distance up to 150m? Thanks for your thoughts.

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    From experience buy a CZ and a Yodave trigger kit

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    Had a CZ varmint ,not thumbhole and very nice but always wanted a Savage 93r BTVS and one came up at a very good price, carbine and in top condition.

    Very happy , great stock,trigger , not a great mag catch but works ok, weaver mounts are a nice idea and i find the action very smooth , imho better than the cz. With the stainless metalwork i fitted a LEI stainless mod( looks the biz) , the whole rifle and mod is very compact and perfect if using out of a vehicle, i recommend it highly. The new CZ thumbhole does look good as well and i think you wouldnt go far wrong with either , try and hold both before making a decision

    The whole fox /HMR issue will result in a lot of different answers , (do you have it on your license as many Dept. wont grant HMR for fox)
    Ive taken quite a few with mine but max. range was 80 yards, the nearest 10yards, now use a .223 but HMR will certainly do the job if sensible with the range and placement ( for me 150 yards would be too far )


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    I own both Savage and CZ. There is nothing wrong with Savage with regards to finish and accuracy. Their .22 WMR's held a 100 yard record for accuracy (.464" aggregate of 6 five-shot groups) in one Varmint shoot in Las Vegas some years back. I have a Savage Striker handgun, built on the 93 but with left hand bolt and right hand eject, that is amazingly accurate. I am angling for a Savage Model 64 target rifle for a 200M .22 shoot we will be doing this summer. I know it will be accurate. The down sides to Savage are the extractors. They break on occasion. CZ, almost never. CZ has a more robust action and is unquestionably accurate. Triggers are a question: My buddy just bought two of the CZ "trainer" .22LR with the long barrels and the triggers on those were actually pretty good right from the box. Maybe they are coming around to the trigger at CZ? Dunno. I shoot old Brno (CZ) rifles from the 1950's and they are fine. Old Savages usually need TLC. I'd get the CZ. JMHO.~Muir

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    +1 With my friend Gary S get a Cz and a trigger kit , as for range on foxes with a HMR keep
    it below 100 yards ,Some will shoot them further,but they don't tell you about the ones they
    wound.Now putting tin hat on and ducking for cover

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    I have a CZ American and it is a superb little rifle/calibre for rats, rabbits, corvids etc (on the ground) - it's my favourite rifle to use. The only down side is the magazine release lever can catch on a bag rest and the mag drops out - very inconvenient in the back of a muddy Defender! I now carry a spare mag for such eventualities.
    I have shot quite a few foxes with it out to 140yds, but not any more having had two (one at about 120yds and one at 75yds) that were hit but didn't get picked up. I agree with unicorn71, it WILL kill foxes at shorter distances but shot placement is critical, and knowing distance is vital to that as the .17 does drop quite quickly over about 120. At night judging distance is more difficult and it is better to use something that stays flatter for longer in my view. You never see a body shot fox hit by a ballistic tip from a .223, 22-250 or .243 run off - it just knocks the life out of them, and wounded foxes do no one any favours. I'm not saying it can't or shouldn't be done, but only use it if you can get within 80-100yds. It's horses for courses...

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    I own savage in 17HMR & .22LR & they are Very good indeed! i was going to go for the Cz but they never had the Thumb Hole stocks @ the time! and for me the thumb hole stock is what i wanted! i have put up a pic of my 2 guns! both have the DM80 MK3 Mods fitted!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I was thinking of getting a .17 HMR what is the accuracy to expect from the savage ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scoie View Post
    The whole fox /HMR issue will result in a lot of different answers , Ive taken quite a few with mine but max. range was 80 yards, the nearest 10yards, ...snip... HMR will certainly do the job if sensible with the range and placement ( for me 150 yards would be too far )

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    Have you considered a Savage BSEV it is lighter and fits better than the BTVS, I have had both Savage models and have no complaints. Having also got a CZ in .22 I can also agree what has already been said that this would also be good with a trigger kit fitted.

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