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Thread: The dark side

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    The dark side

    Had a look at my new permission and due to the locality of some houses I am going to have to give in to the dark side and get a moderator.
    I was reading the March edition of Shooting Sports where they review a Hardy Gen III. Not one I have come accross before but it reviews well and I like the idea of having an integral muzzle break.

    The question is has anyone out there ever seen or used one ?


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    i was reading about them today and hope to get a look at one at the shooting show this weekend, riflecraft i think will have them on their stand. i also want to cehck out the third eye spartan mod


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    A-Tec Maxim also has a built in muzzle brake, might be worth considering.

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    once you have used a moderator you wont change back,it does make the rifle muzzel heavy but thats nothing

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    To some who appreciate the fine balance in a well crafted rifle that's an awful lot.

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    Apparently this thing only weighs 12.06oz which is pretty impressive. Yeah it will change the balance of the rifle but that should be kept to an absolute minimum which is tolerable during a day on the hill.

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