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Thread: Defining a 'Standard' Stalking Permit Template

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    Defining a 'Standard' Stalking Permit Template

    Is there any interest in putting together an SD 'ideal' stalking permit template? There have been a few threads over the last weeks asking for this, Risk Management documents, etc.

    I have an example that I've sent to a couple of people, but of course it's only based on my limited experience. I'd be happy to be the wordsmith putting the document together, but it would need some of the other experienced members to share their examples or thoughts.

    Importantly, is there a way of being able to post files on the site, as I'd happily put up my example as a 'strawman'? If there's not, it's going to be tricky to share the end result.

    Naturally all identifying marks and comments would be removed, so that it would end up being an anonymous document that could subsequently be filled in as required. I was thinking of a Word document, although other formats might of course be more appropriate.

    If this smacks too much of more needless administration and paperwork then by all means shoot the idea down, as I have plenty of other things to do with my time...stalking for example



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    As one just getting established in stalking, the kind PM provision by DS members of one or two examples has been a great help.
    Whether lease or syndicate templates are already available from established organisations (I have one from The Deer Initiative), I do not know - perhaps members only. If not, perhaps that could be considered by them?
    Willie Gunn, I suspect that anything posted for discussion/refinement would have to be broad in description else agreement by forum members would elude you.
    A kind gesture though, one which I am certainly not trying to dampen.
    Very interested to hear the further views of established members. 8)

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    Stalking let guidance

    Just found this stalking let guidance:

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    I think this is a great idea, if I can be of any assistance (I am a safety consultant and risk assessments are my stock in trade) I'd be more than happy to help

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