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Thread: Bushwear plucker

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    Bushwear plucker

    Completely off topic for the forum, but, has anyone used one of these and are they any good?

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    I have heard that those who have tried them are not impressed!

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    a mate of mine bought one, couldnt get on with it. so chucked it in the bin.

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    Got one off a friend to do some turkeys.
    We did not bother with it for long, I think the wind pulled more feathers out.
    Just glad I did not pay for it.

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    I bet there's feathers everywhere when you use one not to mention a lot of tearing. I found on Youtube, it might work after a fashion on the easy bits I'm not so sure about the rest.
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    Not suitable for pheasants, etc. but OK for ducks and geese. I keep meaning to try it on birds frozen in the feather in case it does a better job with them. And yes, feathers everywhere! So maybe 3/10.

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    you want to make a whiz bang plucker , have a look on youtube

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