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Thread: Swarovski Habicht Nova 8 x56

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    Swarovski Habicht Nova 8 x56

    Hi I need a bit of advice on Valueing one of the above scopes .It is currently sitting in a press un-used and I was contemplating selling it.
    It has fitting markings and some cosmetic scratches ect .Optically it is perfect .It has a 4a Recticle and a butler creek cover .
    Thanks for your help.
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    there is an 8 x 42 for sale on here for 250 if thats a guide mate

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    I paid 385 posted for my one, identical if you are on a one inch tube. I was happy with that price. Could do with another but my 6x42 (german) S&B would have to go first, Jim

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    I just sold a mint Swarovski Habicht 6x42 on ebay for a very disappointing 245. Prices have taken a dive I would have expected to be achieving over 300. Your 8x56 with a 30mm tube should fetch another 100 over what I sold the 6x42 for.

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    Hi, i would have though around 350 / 375 would be fair. These scopes are fantastic and as good as any other in low light. If it looks in almost new condition except for the odd mark it would be a bargin. Good luck

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    Although their website lists 695, Macleods had a special purchase some brand new ones for 525 I think - apparently Swaro are stopping making fixed magnification scopes and will only make variables in future so the supply will be self limiting. Strange move as at like for like magnification/objective size/manufacturer/age, fixed will be brighter! 300-350 depending on scratches sounds good to me.

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    I paid 400 for my second hand,30mm,excellent condition scope which i thought was a reasonable price,cracking scope,cheers

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