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Thread: Harkila returns

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    Harkila returns

    Has anyone had to do a return to harkila, the hood on my pro hunter has a small fault. Nothing major, but as they are expensive and five year warranty I my as well.

    So do I contact the shop I bought or go to harkila direct

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    I returned my prohunter trousers to the retailer after 4 years - they were letting water in around the knees. Within 24 hours I had a new pair.


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    My experience of Harkila is that there is no messing around with a complaint. Return to retailer first, if you want to do belts and braces you could send Harkila an email or letter explaining the issue and who you have returned them to ?

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    Thanks for that will give Grahams a call. Do you think it would be the complete jacket or just the hood

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