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Thread: 22/250 barrel twist

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    22/250 barrel twist

    I have a super 22/250 rem VSSF, shortened to 20" and screw cut for T8. Easily shoots well under 1 MOA with 55 grain soft point factory loads. 60 grain or more will not stabilise with the 1 in 14 twist. Thinking of getting a lighter barrel fitted with a faster twist to stabilise up to 70 grain bullet. advice please.

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    Why do you feel the need to go up to 70gr? What are you hoping to achieve?
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    I was going to up the ability to stabilise a greater variety of bullets. I use it for fox or Roe or vermin. I just fancied trying some of the 60 grain plus hunting and target rounds for reloads.

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    A 12 twist will shoot the 60's if going for 75 grain bullets get the 1 in 9

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    my 22.250 has a L. walther LT5O match barrel fitted it has 110 twist it shoots 55 and 60 just fine. it wont stabilised 70 or 75.

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    thanks lads. steven

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    Think wahat you are looking for is called a 243 winchester which will shoot your 70gn, near as dammit (I know its not) a necked up 22.250

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    well i tried 60 grn hornady sp heads with h414 in my 220 swift and they very accurate i didnt think they would work in a 1 in 14 twist , so i am going to try some 63 grn pills and see how they go, a friend of mine as given me some so i dont have to buy any,well you never no i see how they go, atb steve
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    you won't get any more accuracy with a heavier bullet unless you want to be shooting vermin out at 500yds. a 55 grain will knock out foxy all day. 1-12 will cope with up to 63 grain. i would play with powders and head types before investing in a barrel change. i've found the 22-250 likes high pressure loads with flat based heads rather than low pressure and boat tail, but every rifle is different.

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