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Thread: Lamping near sheep

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    Lamping near sheep

    Going to see a couple of farmers this week regarding fox control during lambing. I've been lamping charlie quite successfully for the past couple of years but never amongst sheep. Last thing I'd want to do is to stampede a field full of lambing sheep and make a complete arse of myself. I'll be using a .204 with predator 8 mod. Any tips?

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    Try and get them coming or going to the lambing fields , sitting out early morning is good , if you have to shoot one among sheep do it in the ewes that have already dropped their lambs , they wont run too much but be carefull of getting a through and through

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    Cheers, Trouble.
    By "early morning", do you mean first light? Do you reckon this will be more successful than through the night? I very rarely see a fox at first light on my land. Darkness is always better.

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    yep , hour before daylight , youll get him poking about coming or going

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    I'll give it a try. Perhaps the reason I don't see many foxes at that time is because I don't use lamps when getting into position for a roe at first light. But I could count on one hand the amount of foxes I've seen at dawn this past couple of years.
    Do the sheep spook more during darkness than they will when it gets light?
    Good idea to target them as they arrive and leave. And to be aware which ewes have lambed and which have not.
    Thanks for that.

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    i dont use a lamp while walking in , sheep wont spook too much but if you stay away from the ewes that havent dropped you wont get the blame if any abbort

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    My sheep do not take any notice of either the lamp or a gunshot. Just as well as last year I lamped two foxes sitting in the middle of the ewes waiting for a warm supper.

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    If you want some success in approaching your farmers play it very much by ear. Some farmers have their sheep lambing in a field close to home, the farmer or an employee may well be wandering about in that field at night tending to the sheep. Sheep don't just lamb during daylight. Some farms take the ewes inside in batches to lamb and a couple of days after being born are put out to field. One farmer I know off would not want anybody going anywhere near these fields as he does not want mother and lambs to be split up by disturbance during darkness. The sheep that are waiting to come in are mostly on the point of lambing and most farmers would not wish them to be disturbed by unknown vehicles, people wanderng about.
    My advice is to think on doing fields adjacent to fields containing ewes and taking foxes on their way to/from the lambing fields. Night and day can bring fox to lambing fields. Next year get round your likely farmers well before now hopefully getting the fox population reduced before lambing starts.

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    I find sheep are a great indicator of fox activity and if i see sheep all bunched up in a field it usually means a fox is or has been nearby. If i see sheep scattered all over the field that usually indicates settled and un-harassed stock. I have shot fox pulling half borns from a ewe and the other sheep were not spooked at all so i wonder where farmers i read about on here get the idea they will abort?

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    Ive got some cracking lamb calls and similar such as kid goat etc that work well for me duirng lambing. One of my biggest farms doesnt lamb until April so im getting ready. No sign of fox at the moment, we shot 8 there last year.

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