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    We went over to Gloucester on Sunday morning to meet our guide Nick "Redcoat" on the forum to see if we could find any Muntjac.

    It was a bright but cold day, so in my wisdom I decided to put a big thick jumper on under my jacket, big mistake, after stalking for three hours climbing up steep tree covered hillside I was sweating my taters off.

    I have to say I really enjoyed the stalking, I think Muntjac have to be the most challenging deer to stalk, they are so fast they barely stand still long enough to allow a shot and as you can see, my hand is as big as this mature doe's head.

    Many thanks to Nick, doubtless see you again soon.

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    Congrats on the muntjac

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    Well done Guy
    Did you and Aubrey share it for dinner
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    Hi Colin,

    Aubrey had it on a finger roll..................with chips!

    Must be due to get this little lad back from the Taxidermist anytime now!

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