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Thread: ZKK bolt disassembly tool

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    ZKK bolt disassembly tool


    I need to buy/borrow a BRNO/CZ ZKK 600 series bolt disassembly tool if anyone can help.



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    Just went outside and yep I have the Virgin (i.e never been used) one that came with my ZKK 601.. You can borrow it if it helps.

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    That would be awesome!!! you would get it back with a bottle of wine or similar as a thank you of course.

    will pm you

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    Not a problem will get it in the post tomorrow Weds... Been out so just got back.. Damned tooth playing up.

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    THANKS! ..and sorry to hear about the toothache!

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    Here's a couple of pictures of tonight's project: metal polish the receiver and disassembled parts of the ZKK with 240 grit, then 300, then 400...zzzzzzzz

    ....elbow grease and patience IS required!! hopefully the finished project will be worth it...We've got a secret member of TSD building us a zebrawood custom stock this spring (hush hush),,so I think so

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