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Thread: Leupold QR scope rings

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    Leupold QR scope rings

    Hi i have just treated myself to a zeiss duralyt 3-12x50 illuminated scope, it is to be used with a sauer 202 classic with leupold QR mounts and a-tec maxim moderator.

    i was wondering if i could get away with medium height rings, if any member has the above combination could you please let me know if medium rings would be suitable, also could anybody recomend scope covers that dont keep flipping up as my butlers creek do on my 8x58 scope.

    many thanks geoff

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    I shoot with a Sauer 202 Outback with medium ring Leupold QD mounts and a Swarovski 8x56 scope, I have had to cut a little notch out of my butler creek lens cover but it means I get a fantastic fit with the scope mounted as close to the barrel as possible.
    I also have an A-tec maxim and find it all works well together.

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    I used LOW rings on my 202 with a NF 56mm objective and it was 1mm clear of the barell due to the lift off the action of the Leupold 2 piece bases. A MED ring will clear by 3-4mm.

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    My mounts were on the rifle when I bought it 2nd hand, by the sounds of things my "medium" mounts are in fact the low ones!
    Cheers RD

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    100% agree that the MED will do all but the big S&B's.

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