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Thread: Lapping Millet scope rings

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    Lapping Millet scope rings

    judging from the look of the inside of the Millet scope rings, the grooves are so wide and deep there's not much point trying to lap them with grinding paste...any takers?

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    The answer is not to use Millets. I tried a set and quite frankly they were very poorly made. Would not use them again.

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    The one's I want are these German roll-off ones called Recknagel, made for the ZKK,,but pretty expensive I think. Look very solid and well made though

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    Millet angle locks, you can lap them till all the high spots are in contact.
    But beware their ability to mangle scope tubes if they are not attached true to the dovetail and each other.
    They are not know as mangle locks for nothing.


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    What size scope you using?

    I found the Hilver rings good

    [FONT=Trebuchet, 'Trebuchet MS']E-bay Item #[/FONT]
    110812097472 Hilver 1" Med steel rings for Brno 600, 601, 602 CZ550 29.95

    I have a set if Highs here Hilver part '4665N however I paid more than that for them
    from the gunshop several years back now. The price 36.25 is written in biro on the box.

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    Hi Brit,

    not using a scope just now so the millets may never see daylight again tbh. depends what scope I want/can afford on my zkk after its restoration to be honest. it will be a highland/boar/safari style rifle - any scope suggestions? I am thinking S&B precision hunter 4-16x50...if money ever will allow that is..

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    I have a set of Recknagel mounts and a few Recknagel rails. Top Quality.
    The 4-16x50 classic/precision hunter have very small ammount of travel on windage and elevation. Better have
    the mounts sitting straight.

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    found that with my basic 6x42 S&B too, if mounts don't sit nice and aligned you'll be in the middle of zeroing and find you suddenly can't turn the turrets enough to get the cross hairs where they need to go..Pain in the azz they can be!!! I do love my S&B but I'm not sure I'll be the most loyal customer in the world if I ever find better! (and 'no', I'll never use Swaro's,,,they're just ugly fokkers - LOL!)...Zeiss, ok, that I can cope with.

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