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Thread: Grid References

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    Grid References

    Found these two rather handy sites which allow you to click on a googlemaps map to get the OS grid reference, the second one also gives Lat/Lon as well

    Beretta Silver Pigeon 20 Bore
    Browing X-Bolt Stainless Stalker - 30-06
    Countryside Management Diary -

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    If you have a smartphone, there are apps on there that will give you your coordinates right where you are standing.

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    You can also measure distance and area which can be useful

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    For those that have access to the MOD Intranet You'll want Geode or E-terrier.

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    Thanks Adam, very useful...

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    Thanks for the info, here is another,
    Where's the path ?
    This one places a satalite view next to the OS map so you can view both, I have used it for walking and cycling too.
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    good find adam

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