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Thread: Lowland deer network scotland

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    Lowland deer network scotland

    hi all,
    just recieved my invoice for the LDNS, has anybody else got theirs. whats your opinion on them?

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    It is a net work that is at this moment under construction and in my opinion until it has a definite direction and can help its members in a positive manner i would hold on to my cash. Time will tell on this one and it is very early days.

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    On the initative of the SHN, the deer commission's replacement, and the FCE DMG's were promoted. Now they have been binned for LDNS. Pure and simple. They have stated on deer initatives DMG's are no longer welcome at the table. LDNS is the way forward but DMGs will wait long for the crumbs from that table. I think the crumbs will fall on one paeticular table. Jim

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    Sorry Jim but have to disagree with your post. I am unsure how you think that DMGs have been binned in favour of the LDNS when as you know there is representation from the three Central Scotland DMGs on the Development Committee of the LDNS along with representation from vocational stalkers/deer managers from other parts of Central Scotland. I would hope that the DMGs will become an integrated part of the Network and will be taken on board by landowners as a credible and cost effective local deer management alternative. As 6pointer states the Network is in it's infancy and it's influence is still being established.

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    Ok I`ll ask without the code.
    What is the LDNS ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo123p;
    LDNS is the way forward but DMGs will wait long for the crumbs from that table. I think the crumbs will fall on one paeticular table. Jim
    Who and what are your thoughts on this

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    Hmm had a read.

    Not sure to be honest. It all looks like it`s trying to play on the, deer are a problem , we are the solution type thing, whereas most of us know, there is too much money involved in shooting deer for many places to take an organisation like this on. VERY few people pay others to shoot deer.

    And any that do have problems already use professional stalkers.

    It seems to me that most folk would be joining this in the hope of gaining stalking permission, but I doubt that will happen.

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    Rake Aboot you are probably correct people who don't have deer stalking will normally hang on to any chance of cheap stalking and at £25 joining fee for what is clearly an empty pot at the moment dose not seem a good way to spend your money. It is there for the heads of the committee to represent your interests the stalker on the ground at a higher lev. The problem i have with that is the government representatives are already on the committee .So how can this be an independent net work. As i am on the set up committee i will ask the questions that matter to me and to other deer stalkers/mangers on the ground. If you have any real questions you would like asked please pm me or you can pm the Chairman direct from the ADMG SITE.
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