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Thread: Hi first stalk

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    Hi first stalk

    Going on my first stalk this weekend any tips ? Going to go with kieth scott in northumberland ashington any one been out with him

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    andy keith is the stalker on blagdon estate near newcastle airport youll be ok with him
    atb tom

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    Thanx m8 was it good for you up there ?
    Cheers andy

  4. #4 him and have a chat about it being your first stalk so he knows what to expect, and you do too..ask him what to bring, etc.etc. etc. do you know how to shoot, if no, does he realise this, etc. etc.

    on the day..LISTEN and DO AS TOLD and you will have a GREAT TIME on your first stalk.

    if you want to know more afterwards and get more involved, the stalker should be happy to take a while to talk you through the basics of stalking, gear, etc. etc. pay him a nice tip if he engages.

    if you leave with many questions, come back here to the stalking directory and ask them all, everyone here is very helpful

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    Hi Thanx thanx yeh spoke before for an hour shot a few times but a diferent kind of guns mainly assault rifles but where doing target practice before we go out is there much luck stalking in high seats ? Or is it best to go looking ? I only have basic camo clothing will this be ok as it just like camo print but not the best print
    Atb andy

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    if you've shot you know the basics about rifle handling, that's a good start. safety is everything of course. high seats vs on the ground stalking just depends on the lie of the land and what the stalker deems is the best start for you to be honest. stalking on foot, tip-toeing through the leaves and twigs, spotting that deer 75 yds away, getting in position, taking the shot, this (imho) is the 'real' thing and is what really gets the adrenaline pumping when the pressure is on - it's what made me fall in love with's you against the deer, the odds are in their favour - highseats it's all in your favour, and even though that may sound good, it's not quite the same.

    camo clothing is fine, a hat of some sort, and some wellies, maybe fingerless gloves too. ensure your wellies don't make noise when you walk, if so, put on some extra socks to stop it. avoid clothing that makes noise..bring a cough drop or two as well, just in case. also, if you need to sneeze, hide your face in your elbow pit....if you have a running nose, wipe it anywhere, don't blow it! LOL.

    you sound well prepared, or, spend some time on utube watching some stalking like fieldsportsbritain,,

    oh, and don't start talking about shooting at long range, stalkers generally despise the practise (100yds or so is the name of the game if you 'can')..caveats apply...

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    Thank you this is really helpfull it dose sound better trying to get as close as possible before you take your shot and about you tube i have probably watched every vid there is am hooked lol thanx m8 i will let you know how it goes and hopefully upload some pics
    Atb andy

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    Good luck Andy!

    Looking forward to hear how you get on.

    My Hunting Blog: click here

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    Good luck, hope you enjoy. Atb Jim.

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    take a chill pill before you go Dont want that BUCK FEVER
    good hunting

    ps even if it is doe's

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